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We help people who can’t work reestablish themselves as reliable financial providers for their families.

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if you or someone you know is


Unable to Work due to injury, illness, or permanent disability

Nearly 25 percent of working Americans will be faced with a disability before they reach retirement age.


Fighting for disability benefits without legal representation

According to the Social Security Administration, 65% of disability benefits claims were denied in 2018 leaving 1.3 million Americans without benefits.


Overwhelmed and confused by the disability claims process

Many times routine disability claims are denied because they lack sufficient medical evidence or paperwork is filled out improperly.

we can help.

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Navigating Through the Claims Process Isn’t Easy

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You’re out of work and the bills keep piling up. You want to get back to a place where you can provide a stable income for your family. But it’s difficult to get the disability benefits you deserve when decisionmakers would rather deny cases than try to help.

If health issues are preventing you from earning a living, you need a compassionate legal partner who will stand up to the government or insurance company, and get you the benefits you deserve.

Scott is the best! He is kind and listened to our situation and was able to help us get the results we needed. Thank you for everything.

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I know how unfair and painstaking the disability claims process can be. That’s why I’ve fought my entire career to make sure people like you get the benefits they deserve. Since 2005, my team and I have helped thousands of people throughout Ohio fight and win routine-to-complex disability claims.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting the process or were recently denied. If you’re seeking disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), state of Ohio (OPERS, SERS & STRS), or disability insurance company (ERISA), my team and I can help lift the burden.

We exist to help you get the benefits you deserve, not create more hardship. That’s why you never pay for our services unless we help you obtain disability benefits.

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get the benefits you deserve

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Meet with me, not a case manager. I will help you determine the best possible way to present your claim and maximize your benefits.

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We coordinate with medical providers and other experts, submit your documentation, and communicate with decision-makers directly.

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We help you obtain the compensation and long-term care you need to re-establish yourself as a reliable financial provider for your family.

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During your consultation, I will personally review your case, explain the best way to proceed with your claim, and connect you with community resources to help provide immediate relief.

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