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helpful disability insights

How Does Social Security Evaluate My Claim?

Whether your disability claim is for Supplemental Security Income benefits (commonly referred to as SSI) or Social Security Disability benefits (also known as SSD, SSDI, or DIB), your application will be evaluated under a five-step process.

Why Should I Hire A Disability Attorney?

Not everyone needs a disability attorney to win his or her case. Not having the right attorney in place when things get tough, however, could be a costly mistake. In Social Security Disability and SSI cases, even if you hire someone to help with your claim, the law...

How to Appeal a Social Security Denial

Being denied by Social Security for an SSI or disability claim can be very frustrating. Do not allow that frustration to stop you from filing the appropriate appeals to protect your right to benefits if you eventually win your case. How do I appeal my disability...