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Being denied by Social Security for an SSI or disability claim can be very frustrating. Do not allow that frustration to stop you from filing the appropriate appeals to protect your right to benefits if you eventually win your case.

How do I appeal my disability denial?

First, and most importantly, there are very strict deadlines that you never want to miss. Be sure to read your denial letter carefully and act quickly so that you do not miss any deadlines.

There are three fairly simple ways to appeal your denial of benefits: in-person, through the mail, and online.

In-Person at a Local Office

Social Security local offices can be found all over the country, and probably fairly close to you. Search Social Security’s website to find the office most convenient to you. It will be helpful to bring with you:

1) your denial letter,
2) a list of your medical providers since you applied or last appealed, and
3) a list of your current medications.

Keep in mind that many local offices will have a lengthy wait before you can speak with someone, so plan on being at the Social Security office for a while.

Filing Your Appeal Online

Online appeals are the preferred method for appealing your denial. You can appeal your disability or SSI denial online at Social Security’s “Online Services” page. You will need the same information in the numbered list above. The online appeal process can take some time, but you are able to save your progress and exit to take breaks. Just remember to save your re-entry number!

Telephone and Mail

 The last method, if you are unable to travel to a local office and do not have access to a computer, is to request appeal forms to be sent to you. Your request can be made by calling Social Security’s national hotline at 1-800-772-1213. You will be sent a Request for Reconsideration or Request for Hearing form (depending on the level of your claim), a Disability Report, and a medical release. Your appeal is not complete until SSA receives all of the completed forms back, so do not delay to request the forms and send them back.

Of course, if any of this seems complicated or overwhelming to you, contact Scott to set up a free consultation.