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Get Disability Compensation with an ERISA Lawyer in Canton

Insurance companies work hard to prevent disability payouts. We help people in Canton leverage ERISA law to overcome insurer misconduct and secure the benefits they deserve.

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Get Disability Compensation with an ERISA Lawyer in Canton


Insurance companies work hard to prevent disability payouts. We help people in Canton leverage ERISA law to overcome insurer misconduct and secure the benefits they deserve.

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ERISA Law is Complicated. Know Your Rights.

IF you or someone you know in Canton is

older woman concerned about future

Unable to Work due to injury, illness, or permanent disability

Nearly 25 percent of working Americans will be faced with a disability before they reach retirement age.


Covered by an Employee-Sponsored Insurance and Benefits Package

Approximately 54 percent of America’s workers earn retirement benefits on the job, and 59 percent earn health benefits.


Trusting the Insurance Company will Provide Proper Disability Benefits

ERISA protects workers retirement savings from misconduct because many insurance companies try to avoid disability payouts to their customers. You need an ERISA lawyer to defend your rights.

As an ERISA attorney serving Canton, we can help.

Click below to request your free ERISA disability claim consultation. You pay nothing unless we help you obtain benefits. That’s our promise.

Obtain the ERISA Disability Benefits You Deserve

defeat insurer misconduct with a long term disability lawyer in Canton, OH

As a former employee you’re entitled to benefits in times like these. But many times those responsible for providing these services are concerned about keeping more for themselves, then giving you what you deserve. 

In 1974, the U.S. Department of Labor passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to protect benefit plan participants from corporate misconduct and abuse. But insurance companies still work hard to avoid disability payouts. Something they’re required to do by law.

If you live in the greater Canton area and you’re out of work due to a health issue, and received disability insurance through your employer, then your insurance company is legally responsible to provide assistance. An experienced ERISA attorney who knows the landscape, can help you stand up to the insurance company so you get the benefits you deserve.

“I would highly recommend Scott Kolligian and his team if you are in need of an attorney. Scott is very personable, easy to work with, it is almost like speaking to a family member, they all are wonderful. You have only made a good start to your troubles by starting with Scott in my opinion.”


Hi, I’m Scott Kolligian

My team is here to help

I know how daunting and burdensome the disability claims process can be. I also know how hard it is to find an attorney in Canton who understands ERISA’s inner workings.

The law is complicated, and your insurance company will leverage it to keep their pockets full.

What you do now matters. Whether you’re just starting the process or are actively pursuing litigation, we can help you maximize your disability payout so that you can re-establish yourself as a reliable provider for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

about erisa disability

What is ERISA?

ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. It is a federal law that governs certain employer-sponsored benefit plans. These plans usually cover retirement (i.e. 401(k), health insurance, and disability (short-term and long-term disability insurance) benefits provided by your employer. ERISA outlines several strict requirements and deadlines that govern an employee’s application for benefits, submitting appeals on disapproved claims, and how someone can litigate his or her claim in court.

What is an ERISA plan?

The ERISA plan can be referred to as several different things, such as “the policy,” “the long-term disability policy,” or “the LTD policy,” refers to a specific document that is held by the employer and/or plan administrator. It is an official document that covers everything from who in your company is covered for the benefit, to how much you can expect to receive and for how long, to the specific definitions of disability and other important terminology, to how to appeal, and other very important information. The plan or policy is the governing document that directs how the insurance company and/or your employer is to handle your claim for disability benefits.

Who is subject to ERISA?

ERISA covers benefit plans provided by nearly every employer in the private sector. Certain benefit plans are excluded from ERISA, including benefits issued by government employers, benefits issued by churches or other religious organizations, and insurance policies that you purchase on your own. There are other exemptions from ERISA, but these are a few of the most common.


If your application for long-term disability benefits is denied, the insurer is required to provide you at least one appeal, and it may require up to two appeals. Most long-term disability policies permit, but do not require, you to file a second appeal. Therefore, the insurance company potentially could deny your application, deny your first appeal, and deny your second appeal as well, for a total of three denials.


What Parts of Canton do you serve with ERISA Disability?

If you live in Canton and are looking to claim disability benefits, our services are for you. We serve all neighborhoods and zip codes in Canton: 

Avondale, Banker Heights, Belden Village, Colonial Heights, Crystal Park, Downtown Canton, Edgefield, Edmeyer Park, Fairgrounds, Fairmount, Gambrinus, Gibbs, Hampton Park Estates, Harter Heights, Market Heights, Meyers Lake, Mount Vernon, Newton Zone, Northeast Canton, Northwest Canton, Plain Center Estates, Reedurban, Ridgewood, Southwest Canton, Summit, The Knolls, Village of Hills and Dales, West Park, Westbrook, Whipple Heights, Whittier Park

44701, 44702, 44703, 44704, 4705, 44706, 44707, 44708, 44709, 44710, 44711, 44714, 44718, 44720, 44721, 44730, 44735, 44750, 44767, 44799

As a public employee in Canton who has served the state of Ohio, you deserve to claim any disability benefits you are eligible for. 

However, it’s hard to find an Ohio attorney who is on your side and can help simplify the process for you. After all, there can be so many papers and processes to wade through to claim your benefits! 

We understand that. And that is where Scott Kolligian comes in. Our office takes care of all the complicated legal processes for you so you can claim the benefits you deserve as simply and easily as possible. 

Our goal is to get you back out enjoying the city as soon as possible. After all, there are so many attractions in Canton you wouldn’t want to miss, such as: 

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame 
  • Gervasi Vineyard 
  • Canton Classic Car Museum 
  • McKinley Presidential Library and Museum 
  • National First Ladies Library 
  • Blue Water Majesty Museum 
  • Canton Palace Theatre
  • Tom Benson Stadium 
  • Canton Museum of Art 
  • Petros Lake Park 
  • And more! 

We want you to be able to get back out there and enjoy all these attractions! 

Known for being the home of President William McKinley and the headquarters of his “front porch campaign,” Canton lies in Northeastern Ohio, just south of Akron. 

Canton is also notable for being the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the birthplace of the National Football League. 

Today, Canton covers over 25 square miles of land and has a population of almost 80,000 people. 

The Canton homepage describes the city like this: 

Located in northeastern Ohio, the City of Canton provides its residents with many benefits of big-city living while maintaining its charm as a medium-sized Midwestern town. Canton is home to many well-known national landmarks like the National Football League (NFL) Pro Football Hall of Fame, the William McKinley Presidential Library/National Monument, and the National First Ladies Library and Research Center.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

What other Cities in Ohio do you serve?

We serve most of Ohio with our ERISA disability services including:

If you aren’t sure if we serve your area, please Call Us to talk to us and find out!

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Know Your Rights. Get Your Benefits. We Can Help.

During your consultation, I will personally review your ERISA case, explain the best way to proceed, and connect you with other community resources if needed.


That’s our promise

Know Your Rights. Get Your Benefits. We Can Help.

During your consultation, I will personally review your ERISA case, explain the best way to proceed, and connect you with other community resources if needed.

That’s our promise


With this free resource, you’ll be able to quickly identify which programs you’re eligible for, learn simple tips to help you build a stronger claim, and determine when it’s a good idea to seek legal representation.     

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