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together, we can help our neighbors

Will you help connect us with others who might be struggling?

As you know, living with a chronic illness, injury, or disability can be incredibly challenging. Unfortunately, there are many people around our state who are struggling but they don’t know where to turn for help. That’s why we are proactively working to make sure others get the support they need, and the benefits they deserve.

But we need your help. According to a recent survey, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends over other resources.

That means your recommendations are important. And, if someone you know is suffering, sharing your experience could encourage them to get the help they need.


Referring Someone You Know is Easy

Here’s a simple way to encourage friends and family members to reach out and have a conversation with our team.

Open an email or text message. Then copy, paste & send the following:

“Hi, you’ve been on my mind lately. Recently, Scott Kolligian helped me with my disability claim, and I believe he might be able to help you too. I know you’ve been struggling, but Scott is an attorney who can help. I just wanted to share his information in case you would like to speak with him. Here’s his website: akrondisabilitylawyer.com and phone number: (330) 253-2227. Talk to you soon.”

Will you send this message to anyone who might need help?

together, we can help restore hope for our neighbors and friends.


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